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Play With Me
       "Would you like some cake with your tea, Mrs Smith?" I passed her the plate laden with freshly made cherry cake; the small fruits glistening warmly through the sponge. I looked around me, drinking in my finely-decorated surroundings. I allowed a small smile of satisfaction appear about my lips.
Returning to my guests, I said "How about you, Nora dear?" The lady sat opposite me made no response, so I took this as a refusal to my offer. "Suit yourself." I helped myself to some more tea, pouring the amber liquid into my cup with practised finesse.  Lifting it properly and carefully to my lips, I took a small, lady-like sip, and then replaced it upon my saucer.
"I don't think it is quite brewed yet. What are your thoughts Miss Elizabeth?" When the woman in question again said nothing, I harrumphed under my breath.  "Not in a very sociable mood today, are you girls?" No reply.
Deciding that they were being unnecessarily prim, I r
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 5 10
Green-Eyed Monster
        The forest is bathed in ethereal light: strange yet beautiful patterns cast upon the soft, cushiony floor. She walks slowly, taking in her surroundings. The sun shines softly down on the trees, filtering through the gently wafting leaves. Under her bare feet she can feel the grass, the leaves, the earth.
Everything is green, and when she closes her eyes she can see the sun through her lids.
There is a fresh scent in the air; everything smells clean.
Sounds of nature surround her; water trickling in the distance. She can imagine it; pure, clean water that you can see right through. A bird sings its song; soft, delicate notes ringing through the air.
The whole place is enchanting.
She spies something up ahead, something that reflects the sunlight; gently bouncing it back into the air.
She wanders towards it; her curiosity aroused. Her pale feet move swiftly, gracefully across the emerald moss. She approaches it, and her face breaks into a s
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 6 8
Birthday Blues
The sky was pure, the sun was warm and the wind was a gentle breeze. Hiccup and Toothless were having a whale of a time!
On this morning's ride, they had had perfected their dragon diving technique. They could now do it with great ease, cutting through the clouds and then joining together again in perfect unison.
Now, they were on their way back to Berk. Toothless was going at a steady, lazy rate and Hiccup wasn't complaining. He was too busy thinking about the reaction Astrid would have when she saw his birthday gift that he had spent all night making for her.
It was a beautiful new helmet, encrusted with Nadder and Terrible Terror scales, and precious stones that he had picked out himself from rocks. The band around the bottom of the helmet was made of highly polished steel, and Hiccup had drawn intricate lines and pictures all around it. Their friendship and all their adventures together were depicted in the metal.
It showed them together on their dragons, defeating the Green Death.
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 4 3
Morning Routine
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was, as usual, woken up by a series of thumps coming from the roof, and sawdust trickling down in spirals to land in his mouth.
"Five more minutes Toothless!" he mumbled, without opening his eyes, before pulling the pillow over his sleep-filled head and resuming his snoring.
A louder crash from above, and Hiccup glared sleepily at the ceiling, removed his head from under the pillow and promptly went back to sleep.
A few minutes later, Hiccup felt a few drips of water splashing onto his nose.
"Gah." The roof needed fixing again. With a groan, Hiccup wiped it off his face with his sleeve, and proceeded to turn over and curl into a ball. Hang on a sec…He couldn't hear the rain pattering on the surface of the Haddock's log cabin. That could only mean…
Sighing, Hiccup opened his eyes and was not surprised to find his pet dragon standing directly above him; their faces inches apart, glaring at him with those huge, luminous green orbs. Toothless's gummy
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 10 15
The End of the Lupins
Occasion: 'Beginnings and Endings' contest by HarryPotter-FanGroup
Setting: The Battle of Hogwarts
Pairing: Remus/Tonks
Word count: 1,344
Tonks raced with all her strength down the passage from the Hog's Head. Remus was here, fighting, and he would need her help. She couldn't bear to lose him, and she would fight with every fibre in her body to keep him alive. The thought of her beloved Remus lying on the ground, blood trickling from his mouth and his dear, gentle eyes staring glassily into the dark night spurred her on even faster. That could not happen. She would not let it happen. A look of steely determination filled her eyes, and her expression hardened.
She passed a lamp, and weakened slightly. She had given birth not a month ago, and she was in no fit state to be racing along like this. She winced as her lower stomach gave out a sharp pain in protest. Ignoring it, Tonks carried on at full speed. Her own weakness would not, could not stop her from getting to her husband before a
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 8 6
The Hogwarts Express - Drabble
As Albus got on the Hogwarts Express, he felt a pang for his parents. They were standing on the platform, waving at him with sad smiles. Lily was running to catch up with the train, and Ginny grinned as she remembered doing exactly the same thing with her brothers. Albus had always been really close to his only sister, and he trailed his hand towards her as she stopped and waved one last time.
This was it, he thought, as he dragged his trunk next to Rose's, looking for a place to sit. He had finally done it. He was going to Hogwarts! Albus had dreamed about this moment ever since he had learned about the Wizarding school, and heard all about his relatives adventures. He followed Rose to a compartment, and saw that it was already occupied, by what looked to be twin boys, both with dirty blonde hair, and a nervous looking girl with plaits, who was clutching a toad.
"No, it's fine. It's Annie, look!"
Albus strode into the compartment confidently with Rose grinning behind him. As he waved
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 8 4
Annabeth's Birthday - Drabble
Annabeth hummed to herself as she packed her bag. Bikini, towel, suncream. It was a beautiful day out and she was meeting Percy for a small beach party for her birthday in; she checked her watch, ten minutes. This was the type of weather she liked, and she was determined to make the most of it. With everything ready and packed in her small swimming bag she sauntered out of the Athena cabin. She was wearing small denim shorts that showed off her long tanned legs over her polka-dot bikini, along with her bikini top and flip-flops. She walked between the cabins in the direction of the beach. Camp Half-Blood was mysteriously and suspiciously empty. In fact, she could see no one there except the Ares Cabin, who gave her the usual glares and insults when they saw her. She ignored them and walked on, her chin jutting out defiantly.
It was a short walk to the beach, and soon she was there. However, much like Camp Half-Blood, the beach was deserted. Annabeth looked round, but could see no one a
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 22 18
BBQ Sauce - Drabble
The flames were flickering in the pitch black night. Aang was sitting eating his moon peach stir fry ravenously. He hadn't eaten all day and the barbecued meal was particularly delicious. He finished in record time and was just licking his fingers to get the last of the gorgeous sauce, when he heard a muffled giggle from the other side of the small bonfire they had lit. He looked up from his hands with his tongue still pointing out his mouth and saw Katara and Sokka in fits of silent laughter, their bodies bathed in the orange light of the fire.
"What!" he exclaimed, put out. They just looked at him again then started rolling over on the ground, shaking with humour.
"Just look," said Sokka, wiping the tears from his eyes as he passed Aang a small shard of mirror they carried. Aang was confused, but took it anyway, and glanced at his reflection. He studied his confused face for a second, then started roaring with laughter along with his two best friends.
"Aang, cut it out!" cried Katara
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 2 7
The Worst That Could Happen
Occasion: 'First Date' contest by H-P-fanfiction
Requirements: A magical photograph of one or both on the date, a muggle car and a visit to the hospital wing/St. Mungo's.
Setting: Marauder's Generation, Frank and Alice are 16... I think!
Pairing: Frank/Alice
Word count: 2, 193   
Looking around the square, Frank could see that it was empty. He gulped down some air, then loosened his collar slightly. He smoothed down his posh jeans, and walked over to a nearby house. It was huge; big and imposing, and the black windows seemed to glare down at him like blank, angry eyes. Swallowing, he cautiously opened the huge black gate, and approached the front door. Closing his eyes, he imagined how happy he would be if this worked out, and that was all he needed to stretch out his hand in front of him and grab the large eagle doorknocker in front of him. He smoothed down his hair and checked in the nearest window that he didn't have toothpaste smeared across his face, or some other s
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 9 15
Poem For Japan
                 Water is all I can register.
        Swirling around me, whipping my hair and
                 Making my clothes damp.
     It would be pretty, if it hadn't just destroyed my life.
                    Screams fill the air.
              So loud, so piercing that my ears hurt.
              People crying for their lost lives,
     Lost friends, families and lovers. They have lost everything.
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 2 16
Prayer For Japan - Signable by Rachii09 Prayer For Japan - Signable :iconrachii09:Rachii09 0 6
Commission: G. Shidou x L
          Gee was sitting alone in the diner, glancing at her watch every now and again. L had stood her up, and as you can guess, she wasn't very happy about it. He had meant to be meeting her here over an hour ago. She was sitting in a filthy place, the formica-topped surface was nearly invisible with a layer of grease. Her caramel hot chocolate had gone cold, and she wasn't finished waiting yet.
"Excuse me?" she called to the young waitress behind the counter, "Can I have another caram-" Gee stopped in the middle of her sentence as she spotted a stack of silver cans behind the girl. "What the hell, just get me a Red Bull, please."
It had been a tough day at work, and she was planning on staying up a lot later that night, to drown her sorrows in something strong. Preferably vodka. L was usually reliable; she couldn't understand what was keeping him. She scowled. People who couldn't keep a date really got on her nerves. She t
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 5 4
Mind Games
           They told me he wasn't real. They said it was all in my mind, just a creation of my imagination. I always asked them, why would my mind create something that has followed me, watched me, stalked me from the moment I first saw him? A nightmare creature, dredged up from the darkest of corners and the black space under my bed. Watching me, almost studying me, like I was a new species or something special. But I'm not special. I'm not even interesting.
No one believes that he's real. My dad sent me to another psychologist only yesterday, and he didn't help at all. I sat in the hard chair with sweat pouring down my face and shivers running down my spine. This was because he was standing behind me, his dead eyes boring into the back of my head.
             I started seeing him after my mother died horrifically, in the car seat right next to me, when another car
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 1 9
Commission: Blackheart Chptr 1
       I am running, and I have the scent of my prey burning on my tongue. I am hunting, and that is all that it going through my mind. Nothing else matters, except that I get this warm-blooded, juicy mouse in between my teeth and I get it in there fast. I can feel the vibrations it makes with my paws, I can hear it's tiny, pulsing body brushing against leaves as it runs for its life. The mouse has no chance, and sure enough I have soon caught up with it. I strike out with my paw, stunning it for a few seconds. I quickly and painlessly snap it's neck, and then I can taste the rich, earthy flavours of fresh-kill.
      It is only after I have finished my meal that I realise that I, Firestar, leader of ThunderClan had broken the Warrior Code. Guilt and shame spread their way through my veins like poison. I bow my head in shame and hiss quietly, this would not go down well back in camp. Longtail would quickly smell out the s
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 4 18
The Newest Weasley
        "Mr and Mrs Weasley, you have a baby daughter!" said the Healer as he handed Molly her new child. She was absolutely perfect, with big, brown, sparkling eyes and a small tuft of soft red hair right on top of her head. As Molly took her in her arms, she felt the usual glow of motherhood, but this time it was different. She loved all her boys exactly the same, but as she gradually got used to the glow, she stopped noticing it. When Mrs Weasley had been handed Ron, as much as she loved him the moment she saw him, her mind couldn't help thinking 'Been there, done that.' This new baby girl had induced as much a reaction from Molly as Bill had done, eleven years previous. Molly Weasley gazed down into her daughter's beautiful face with eyes now glazed over with happy tears. Arthur was standing behind her, and he had his hand on her shoulder. Both of the new parents felt as though their family was somehow complete.
"Look at her Arthur," murmured
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 11 12
Christmas at the Burrow
AN - WARNING: Contains spoilers
Harry sighed. He looked around the living room of the Burrow. All was not well, even though they had more cause to celebrate than to grieve. Ginny was by his side, and that was a reason to be happy; Ron and Hermione had finally got together, and that was good too. But there was something nagging at all the hearts of the occupants of the living room; and that thing was Fred. This was their first Christmas without him, the room felt strangely empty, even though there was at least 20 people crowded in there, with all the Weasleys along with assorted friends who had joined them. Mrs Weasley was looking haggard and thin, and although she had a tiny, watery smile on her lips, it wouldn't take a fool long to see that it was very forced, and that inside she was screaming for her lost son. All the members of the Weasley clan were the same, (although Ginny had certainly cheered up when Harry asked her if they wanted to get back together!) Time wasn't working it's
:iconrachii09:Rachii09 4 9
Hi! Thanks 4 looking at my page, i only have a few deviations at the mo but am planning on some more soon!

Random Favourites

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Hello all!

Just to say, a close friend of mine has a book reviewing blog that she is desperately trying to get more publicity for.

I would really truly appreciate it if some of you would perhaps take the time to look at it?

Here it is:

Thanks so much!!!

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Rachel J
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom

:bulletred:i am a country bumpkin, but want to live in New York/London when i'm older.

:bulletorange: i am a Christian who believes in God and prays regularly. I hate it when anyone says anything offensive about Jesus or God; so don't.

:bulletpink:my favourite subjects at school are english and drama, but i hate maths.

:bulletblue:instead of just one best friend, i have LOTS of best friends!!!!

:bulletgreen:i am sometimes incredibly hyper, but others sensible and bossy (a little like hermione!)

:bulletblack:i am a big fan of Harry Potter and Twilight, you will find a lot of deviations of them in my favourites!

:bulletwhite: i am Hufflepuff all the way through, i'm intelligent but not a genius, i am not cunning or selfish, and i'm not that brave. But i'm not a gossip; if you tell me a secret, it's safe with me. My friends tell me that i am a really good friend, and although i don't believe them, the Sorting Hat agrees!

:bulletpurple:My hobbies include playing the clarinet, horse-riding and dance. I write lots of fanfics, (HARRY POTTER!!!), check them out and let me know what you think!


Things I Like:

DEVIANTART!!! :woohoo:
This group: Own-stories-4-life
Horse Riding
My sister's drawings: Franki09
German (the language)
Playing my clarinet
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
Both Avatars (ATLA and the James Cameron one)
Warriors series
The Wanted
James Blunt
The outdoors
The indoors
:bulletred: <-- these things!

Things I Dislike:

Being ill
Brussel Sprouts
Falling out with friends :(
Being stuffed into a tiny cottage for one two years while our house is rebuilt
Writers block
Not being able to get to sleep
People talking about me behind my back


When i am older i want to be a lawyer or a buisnesswoman in a big city, make loads of money then return to the country and start a family. My life dream is to be an author, i would love to see my stories published and sold!

People I know: :iconfranki09: :iconmira-yu: and also, *cough cough*, this guy --> :iconmagnificentbastard: we're not related if anyone asks...

My best friends on deviantART: :iconfranki09: :iconmira-yu: :iconwinterwolf10: :iconcatdog217:

People who have inspired me: :iconcatdog217: :iconfranki09: :iconlarafairie: :iconwinterwolf10: :iconbibbidy-boo: :iconslave2moonlight: :iconmira-yu: :iconrikku-azula: :iconlillywonka: :iconreesespeeces13: :iconroxannevl: :iconcatching-smoke: :iconleochi:and lots more...

Thats pretty much all about me, thanks for reading, you guys are all awesome, you inspire me and i count myself very lucky to see your artwork and read your stories. You people are all amazing in your own way, and each of you is very special. I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!

Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Zuko (from the legend of Aang), but Aang is awesome too!!


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